Interim Legal Counsel

Interim Legal Counsel

We provide interim legal counsel services full-time, part-time, for specific projects, or on an hourly basis. An interim corporate counsel from Morling Consulting brings flexibility when needed and can either integrate into your legal team or work as an external resource. With an interim legal counsel, you maintain continuity during parental leave, extended recruitment processes, or other transitions.

Interim resources provide access to qualified expertise for a defined period. An interim legal counsels have chosen this as a career path consciously, typically with experience from managerial and leadership roles. Practical experience in operational organizations ensures an understanding of the requirements and best practices in the projects delivered.

Why choose an interim corporate counsel?

An interim legal counsel can address complex situations and offers numerous benefits. Our clients get:

  • Hands-on interim business counsels who not only advise but also take charge of implementation and execution.
  • The ability to transfer knowledge to internal teams, ensuring project development and delivery.
  • The capability for your business to quickly onboard a resource with an exceptional ability to deliver value in a new companies and tasks.
  • Generally working under flexible contracts, our interim counsels can rapidly scale their involvement up or down based on your needs.
  • Attentive and impartial commitment to the best interests of your business, free from hidden agendas and skilled in avoiding internal politics.
  • Cost-effective expertise—often at half the cost of what traditional law firms charge.

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Morling Consulting undertakes assignments in general corporate law, often for companies with online consumer as their customers. We specialize in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and anti-money laundering regulations (AML), applying these regulatory frameworks in businesses regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

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